“Go confidently in the directions of your dreams.

Live the life you’ve imagined.”

Henry David Thoreau

        No one imagines being diagnosed with cancer. But when you are, it changes your life path and your journey to your dreams. When Jay was diagnosed with stage 4 bladder cancer, he reevaluated his direction and turned his efforts toward fighting for his life. Jay has always been a man to take on the challenge of fixing ANYTHING that he comes across that is broken. From his daughters ever fumbling cars, to his neighbors ancient computer. This time, the challenge lies in his own body.

        We were all relieved to hear that Jay decided on a treatment plan with Dr. Forsythe. The treatment included an alternative integrative approach to health care that involved supplements, dietary evaluations, blood type consideration chemo and also psychological assistance. All of the staff has proven to be heaven sent, and a blessing to our family. Consequently, it seems that they have felt the same about having Jay in their office. “He is our star patient”. “Jay makes everyone smile”. “If only all our patients have such a great attitude like Jay”.

        While everything seemed to have been moving along in a good direction, the cost has become quite a burden to our family. Because Dr. Forsythe’s protocol is not considered “standard procedure” by the American Medical Association, his insurance is not covering the costs accumulated. Seeing as how we are only partially through this battle. We have decided to surrender to donations, and every cent helps.

        We, the family, will be doing what we can to raise the  $40,000 already due to support Jay. He has always given all of the help he could to us, his community, his church and friends. If you feel that you can lend a helping hand, it would be more than appreciated, and if you cannot, keep us in your hearts and prayers.

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