Jay has had a tough battle,

and now we are at a stand still.

           After two months with Dr. Forysthe in Reno, Jay returned to Salinas and attempted to continue the battle. He started chemo and then as a result, had a heart attack. We went to emergency and they put another stent in his heart. Once he healed, we started another round of chemo which resulted in kidney failure. Both kidneys were clogged and Jay ballooned up, full of toxins. The emergency team poked tubes in through his back and drained his kidneys. One kidney failed for life, the other had a stent put in to let it continue to flow to the bladder. One week later he was released from the hospital.


July 2013


Since all of the fiasco, Jay has been trying to enjoy life and the beauty of nature while slowing down. He has been going to the beach frequently for sunsets on our beautiful Monterey Bay, and for walks around the park around the corner from the house. Being the social butterfly that he is, he stops in to visit his old coworkers at the body shop and at the cafes. This time of fluctuation and waiting has been a blessing for Jay as he has taken the opportunity to enjoy his family and friends and the lovely central coast California.

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