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  1. Liz Bro says:

    An update for Saturday. I see the new pain meds are comforting Jay better. He is very alert for short periods of time. He said to mention “thank you” to those that have called, left messages, or stopped by.

  2. my mom is Renee Bro, i have been getting updates from her.. Uncle Jay is in my prayers along with my church family’s prayers… I have never met him (that i know of) but know that he is in our hearts all from Tennessee.. We love ya Uncle Jay

  3. Ken says:

    Liz, I am praying for you and Jay. I love you both! Ken

  4. bj1974 says:

    Happy Fathers Day from Jay to his brothers and guy friends. He was comfortable through the night. He was awake and alert for his brother Mel’s visit yesterday. The kids are here so he will enjoy fathers day too.

  5. Katti Kay Mosier says:

    My heart is breaking for the inevitable passing of someone I looked up to as a father, someone I spent many years with. I love you and will always remember the good memories we have made. Jaymie and Tiffany my heart is with you please contact me if you need anything or want to talk.

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