June 2014

To the kindhearted, supportive loved ones of Jay Bro,

Things are not looking positive and we are all taking on the difficult challenge of preparing for Jay’s passage from this life.

Jay has decided that he does not want any more fuss to be made to combat the ever growing effects of the cancer taking over his body, the outcome will remain the same. And so, Jay will be at home until he passes, with his family by his side.

For personal privacy reasons, I will not go into the details of his condition. Jay would like to remain a strong figure in our minds. We, the family, ask that visitors be kept to a minimum so that we may focus on Jay’s comfort. Information on when he passes and the following ceremonies will be posted here if you are not part of the phone tree. There will also be an obituary in the paper.

Donations to aid the family in the costly burdens of a two year battle can be made to Jay Bro’s cancer treatment fund, if you see fit. Jay asks that no donations be made to the Cancer Society. He strongly disagrees with the medical professions standard procedure.

April 2014


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One Response to June 2014

  1. Katti Kay Mosier says:

    My heart is breaking for the inevitable passing of someone I looked up to as a father, someone I spent many years with. I love you and will always remember the good memories we have made. Jaymie and Tiffany my heart is with you please contact me if you need anything or want to talk.

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