Jay has passed on

Jay always said that you never know what someone has to teach you, you just have to be open to receive.


This morning, at 3:30AM, he offered us the last lesson that he could teach; the journey through pain and tears paved with love and compassion. The path that is not traveled alone, but instead overflowing with family and loved ones that are by ones side the whole way saying, “It’s all good”.

In the simplest form, the lesson was merely to see one another’s heart and walk hand in hand.

Jay’s last month at home with family and close friends, with the help from the local Visiting Nurses Association, was a blessing. In his final month he was able to pour over the entire Bro family history albums and reminisce with his brothers Mel and Del. He had the opportunity to express all of his final wishes and share his love with his wife and children. Jay never missed an opportunity to make the people around him smile, including the visiting nurses. His uncanny ability to relate and connect with others was shone through as people he has touched came forth to express their gratitude for having Jay in their life.

In loving memory of Jay Bro, the family graciously invites you to join a celebration of his life Saturday, July 19th at the N. Salinas Baptist Church, 381 San Juan Grade Rd. at 3 PM followed by a light meal. PLEASE, feel free to bring photos or memorabilia to share on the table of memories.

Jay requested that he be cremated and buried at the Queen of Heaven 18200 Damian Way, Salinas, Ca. 93907. Internment services are being conducted by Struve and Laporte Funeral Chapel. Private graveside services will be held for immediate family.

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One Response to Jay has passed on

  1. Mel says:

    Jay has left a glow in my heart like E.T. had. Although I am deeply saddened by his passing I will always smile when I think of him.

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