Jay 2013, just before heading to Reno to start chemo with Dr. Forsythe.

Left to right: Tiffany, Jaymie, Jay, Liz, Andrew, Alyssa


Jay on his second chemo day. The nurses had a good laugh after I put the flowery blanket on him.

Tiffany’s high school graduation. Jay is always in a cheery mood, even when his teenagers were not.

This is the poster we put up in dad’s room when he was getting chemo to keep spirits high

This is head Doc
 photo 100_3605_zpsf1ebbb68.jpg
Ya we sent him cards.
 photo 100_3595_zps5a54ba31.jpg
Nurse Stacy and Jay’s new friends
 photo 100_3604_zps2765d990.jpgyes dad wore the same colors and designs as the staff,how fun
 photo 100_3603_zpsd9a96ec4.jpgDr.Winter looks like his brother
 photo ManonNeil_zps2f26f700.jpgNurse Manon Neil,there are three nurses at your attention.


2 Responses to Photos

  1. Chris Morisoli says:

    I’m so very sorry Jay, Liz and family. I’m in your corner. Just get well!!

  2. Stephen Ahl says:

    Jay, tho these days have gone to pass your memory lives on forever. Thanks for being the cool dad tiff really deserved. You really put a lot of trust into her and the rest of us for that matter being there. I had some great nights and times being around your family. Thanks for being in this community child’s life. Without my friends and their parents and my own I wouldn’t have made it this far. I once again thank you

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