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  1. Liz Bro says:

    Thursdays up date. He slept better the last two nights. He has rallied for a few days. Staying awake and visiting with friends and family. He has even eaten some but the battle with nausea comes and goes. His new love is 7-UP in little glass bottles and cherry popsicles! Stuff he hasn’t had in forever. He mentioned to one visitor the doctor said it was ok to have anything he pleased because there was no real reason to “save it” for another time. He is still the Jay we know being stubborn occasional and wanting to tell the kids how to “fix” stuff. His mind is sharp. Thank you for such strong and fervent prayer. I know they are working because he is still with us for another day.

  2. Liz Bro says:

    Life has a way of bringing just what you need to “keep it real” as if what Jay is going through wasn’t enough. The pop- sickles needed to be real fruit so he had me take him to the store for the right ones.The kitchen drain was plugged so Jay supervised Paul as he snaked the drain. The car battery died so he had me take him to Sears to buy a charger. Each day he finds the strength to keep his hand on the pulse of life and the activities involved. Yesterday he settled down on the patio to enjoy the warm and beautiful day outside. His will power and the strength of prayer has him alert and participating in life.

  3. Teresa Knight says:

    Saw your comment come up a few ago. I look forward to your weekly updates. So good to hear Jay is being his stubborn self. Regular list of thing’s to do it will keep him busy and looking for the next chore to do. Janice has taken Sarah to dentist. 4 wisdom teeth coming out today. Oh my. Dan and I are doing well. Kid’s doing well. Kieca left there baby sitter for a new one. Old one charged to much weather kid’s there or not. Jay’s strenght come’s from his love of you sister. You take care of yourself too. Call or what every if you need to talk or vent. Love you both. Dan and Teresa

  4. Liz Bro says:

    As the weeks gone by sense the last post Jay became more and more frail.
    This morning July 13, @3:30 he passed peacefully at home with family close by.
    We will post his burial and celebration of life information soon.

  5. Sara Hohman (Truax) says:

    To Jays family,
    My heart hurts finding this out today. Knowing you all my whole life makes it even harder. Tiffany and Jamie love you guys! Thoughts and prayers,

  6. gloriann Bro says:

    I am so sorry may he rest in peace you were the best father for our kids that I could ask for and for that I will always love you my prayers go out to Liz and the whole family

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